AJ Nadel was born in New York City and, currently, maintains a studio in Long Island City. He has an MD degree from Columbia University but has taken numerous graduate courses in art history at Columbia, New York University, and Hunter College with well known figures including Robert Rosenblum and Leo Steinberg. He began creating his art in the mid 1980s and has maintained his own studio for 20 years. He has exhibited in galleries in multiple cities, including New York, Berlin, and (recently) Boston.


" My work is figurative and studio based. It focuses on personnae and relationships
between the images, themselves, and the viewer.”

"A model can project a variety of moods and feelings by dress, expression and
gesture potentially enhanced by the artist's projections and/or desires.”

"Skin has a unique quality whereby the techniques of interruption and enhancement
are manifest by the wrinkles, tears, and irregular outlines of the image, itself.”

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